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Stephanie's Success Stories

Having never driven before, I started my lessons with Stephanie and am so happy to say that I passed first time. My circumstances meant I was keen to do a lot of lessons in a short period of time. Stephanie supported me wholly and often saw me three times a week or more! She was an excellent teacher and so patient with me. Thank you Stephanie! (Alfie)



I started my lessons with Stephanie with low confidence on the road. Stephanie went back to basics and gradually built my confidence up and focusing on areas i felt nervous about. I couldn't ask for a better driving instructor who made me feel comfortable and was calm. I definitely will recommend Stephanie for anyone looking to get on the road. I have now passed my test and looking to do a motorway lesson with her as shes fab! Don't miss the opportunity to go driving with her! (Rebecca)




I had previous lessons before I started lessons with Stephanie but had failed my test. Stephanie took me back to basics and ensured I was correct technically with everything. Very good value for money and always made sure I got the full amount of lesson time (usually more!) even when very busy. (Tom)



Whilst driving with Stephanie, she became my friend as well as my tutor. She taught me everything I needed to know! We would drive all over and have a laugh on the way. She is a fab tutor and I recommend her. Both my brother and I passed our tests and I can say it was with Stephanie. Thanks. (Jenny)




Stephanie is a very good instructor, very understanding and a friendly person. She is very good at her job and teaches you to a good standard. Good prices and good teaching. She has passed my whole family including the relatives. I have recommended her to others already and do recommend her to everyone reading this. (Anisa)



Stephanie is an absolute professional and an excellent driving instructor. She is very experienced and dedicated, and takes her job seriously. I have had two previous instructors whose prices were low and honestly I can see why they were so low... they were very incompetent! Stephanie managed to get rid of my bad habits and never let me down, I managed to pass with only two minors. She is the only driving instructor I would recommend and anyone who was had lessons with her would agree with me. She understands the different ways in which people learn to drive and tailors her lessons accordingly. Not only is she a brilliant driving instructor but is also a lovely person, who genuinely wants you to be the best driver you can be. She made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. (Jessica)



A fantastic teacher with so much time and patience, to teach me she needs it, a truely wonderful person....and I would recommend her driving school to anyone who is considering taking lessons.  (Emma)


I started my lessons with Stephanie, never having driven before. She built my confidence and I was so pleased when I passed my test first time.  I so had no doubt that I got the best tuition. Loved every minute of my training, she makes you feel so relaxed & is so patient.  (Charlotte)



Eager to learn I started my training with Stephanie, from the beginning she calmed my nerves.  She explained everything in the way I needed.  Before long I took my test and to my amazement, I passed first time.  So pleased, I carried on training with her and took a ‘Pass Plus’ after passing my driving test. We did the Motorway training which was a bit scary, although Stephanie was the only person I would want next to me on a busy motorway. She was so pleasant it felt like my friend was next to me through out and it shook me when I'd completed both test and Pass Plus and missed meeting a friend.  (Helen)


Well I can only say thank you to Stephanie, She is so professional. I didn’t start my driving lessons with her but after taking lessons with a previous instructor - I felt I wasn't getting the help I needed!!  After the 1st lesson she told me what my faults where so I knew what I had to put right. She taught me techniques which has made me a better driver and with her help, when I went for my test I passed it.  I was made up & felt a lot more confident than before. I am now a full licence holder & I would like to think a good driver.    (Sean)


I am a mother of  three and needed my licence to ferry them about, especially in the school holidays. I'd started and stopped driving many times over  the passed years but decided it wasn't going to get the better of me this time. I wanted to drive!!  I got in touch with Stephanie and set to work on refreshing my memory of what I'd learned before and building on the knowledge. She got me up to test standard which was hard at first but she got me through it and I passed.   (Kaniz)


The only instructor I learned to drive with was Stephanie. She always turned up with a smile & every lesson I felt I had achieved more. The good thing about Stephanie is even when you make a mistake – it was not a problem! She kept her cool & always treated me as an adult. Nothing phased her, so I enjoyed learning. I passed first time which was down to her. Great teacher, Thanks.   (Martyn)

Thank you Stephanie, my driving instructor who has helped me massively in passing my test. She was patient and reliable and I would recommend her to any one who intends to pass their test.   (Szymon)

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